More Updates Forthcoming

To clarify, we’re still hoping that the Knik 100 and 200 races will occur as scheduled. As of this moment, the races have not been cancelled or postponed. We’re monitoring the weather [...]

Weather Affecting Course

As of today, due to the warming trend we’re seeing, and the rain, Knik Lake has surface water. The trail is deteriorating quickly throughout the race course. We’ll be making a [...]

Mandatory Layover for the Knik 200

Regarding the Mandatory Layover for the Knik 200: The total mandatory layover is 6 hours plus the musher’s time differential. The layover is at Yentna Station. Mushers must sign in and sign out [...]

Updated Race Rules Now Available

The official race rules for both the Knik 100 and Knik 200 are now available on our website at Please be sure to read them as there are changes.

Updates for Mushers

Knik 200 drop bags should be dropped off at Willow Airport no later than Wednesday, 10:00 pm, January 2nd. Look for the signs. Knik 100 drop bags should be dropped off at Eagle Quest Lodge no [...]

Trail Condition Report

Overall, the trail is good throughout the race course. A map of the course will be coming soon.

Changes Made to Knik Race Courses

To streamline race costs and logistics, we’ve modified the Knik 100 and Knik 2oo race courses. Both races will start at Knik Lake in Wasilla. Teams participating in the Knik 200 will go to [...]