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Up to 40 teams competing in the Knik 200. Up to 10 teams in the Knik 100

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The excitement begins in January in Wasilla, Alaska

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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Quick Glance Race Summaries

Posted in Race News by Musher

In addition to the standings pages on the website that detail each team’s placement, runtime, bib number, and times in/out of checkpoints, I’ve added race summaries which are designed to be a quick glance at the finish order and time across the finish line. You can find them here: K200: K100:

K200 standings with Yentna Outbound Times

The 2014 Knik 200 standings now have the Yentna outbound times and final run times included. Because we only had spotty sat phone communication available between the Yentna Station checkpoint and everywhere else, we could only add them from handwritten sheets collected after the race, thus the delay. Thanks for your patience, and thanks also

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Top Three Finishers of the Knik 200

First place: Rohn Buser (crossed finish line at 11:52:40) Second place: Joar Ulsom (crossed finish line at 12:35:26) Third place: Ellen Donoghue (crossed finish line at 12:38:03)

Rohn Buser Wins the 2014 Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race

Posted in Announcements by Musher

Just a few minutes ago, Rohn Buser crossed the finish line. He and his team are the winner of the 2014 Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race. Congratulations, Rohn! His official time will be posted shortly.

Thank You Eagle Quest Lodge

Posted in Announcements by Musher

A huge thanks goes out to the owners and operators of Eagle Quest Lodge in Willow, Alaska. Not only have they graciously made their lodge a checkpoint for both the Knik 100 and 200 races, but they’ve been wonderful hosts making their kitchen available 24/7 all weekend long. They’ve supplied hot water to the mushers

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Jeff King Wins the 2014 Knik 100!

This is official: Jeff King is the winner of the 2014 Knik 100, crossing the finish line at 5:09am. Congratulations to Jeff King and his team!

Race Photos On Our Facebook Page

Posted in Photos by Musher

Be sure to Like the Knik’s official Facebook page to enjoy photos taken during the race from fans and Ground Effect Media.

Thank You Knik Race Sponsors

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We’d like to thank our sponsors for helping make the Knik 100 and 200 races possible. Please visit our sponsor page and support them in return by considering their products or services the next time you’re in need.

All Food Drop Bags Must Be Taken to Eagle Quest Lodge

Posted in Announcements by Musher

Reminder: all food drop bags must be taken to Eagle Quest Lodge prior to the end of tonight’s mushers’ meeting. K200 teams: If you want one of your two drop bags left at Eagle Quest Lodge for you, mark the bag accordingly. Otherwise, both bags will be taken to Yentna Station checkpoint.

Eagle Quest Lodge Serving Food Throughout Race

Posted in Announcements by Musher

Eagle Quest Lodge will be serving food 24/7 throughout the race. Directions/map:

How To Get to Eagle Quest Lodge

Posted in Announcements by Musher

For those needing directions to Eagle Quest Lodge to deliver food drop bags or to cheer on teams during the races, here’s the lodge’s directions and map from their website:

Welcome, Everyone!

Welcome, Everyone! The 2014 Knik races begin Saturday morning at 11AM Alaska time. Despite the warmer temperatures and light rain that we were seeing today, I’m told the trail looks great. I’m going to do everything I can to live broadcast at least the winners crossing the finish line. Just a few of the challenges

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Cheer on the Teams in Person

Posted in Announcements by Musher

Info for those of you who would like to cheer on the teams in person: Race Day: 11AM Saturday, January 4th, 2013. Knik Lake in Wasilla, Alaska. Parking will be available in the Knik Bar parking lot beside Knik Lake. Porta Potties will be located near the parking area. Snacks and warm beverages will be

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It’s Looking Good for Race Day

Hello, Everyone. Jennifer from Ground Effect Media here with your Susitna Valley 7-Day Forecast, courtesy of the National Weather Service. It’s looking good for race day, which begins Saturday at 11AM on Knik Lake in Wasilla. The forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with isolated snow showers. Highs 15F to 25F. I was just informed

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