Revised and Updated Rules for Knik 200 Now Online

Revised and update rules for the Knik 200 have now been posted on our website at


Mushers, you may include Heet in your drop bag(s) which you’ll be bring to the start line at Deshka Landing airstrip (by 11am) because the bags aren’t being flown out.

We’re Counting Down the Hours Until the 2015 Knik 200

We’re counting down the hours now until the 2015 Knik 200 which begins Saturday at 1pm in Willow. Lots and lots of stuff going on behind the scenes as we get everything in place. Meanwhile, [...]

We’re Monitoring Trail Conditions Closely

Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) our Trail Boss will go out on portions of the trail. We understand that the river changes and we are monitoring it closely. We will release another trail report when [...]

Latest Changes in the Knik 200 Lineup

With the changes we’ve had to make due to trail conditions, there have been a number of mushers who have withdrawn, and several others who have joined us. Tomorrow/Sunday night at midnight [...]

Deadline for Knik 200 Entry Fee Refunds

Knik 200 teams have until midnight on Sunday, January 25th to withdraw from the race without losing their entry fee (a $25 admin fee will be charged). You can contact us at [...]

New Race Course for Knik 200 but Knik 100 Cancelled

After careful consideration, the Knik Race Committee has determined that because of current conditions, starting and finishing the Knik 100 and 200 races at Knik Lake is not a viable option. To [...]

Trail Conditions

A lack of snow and cold temperatures has been problematic for trail conditions for the Knik 100 and 200 races. Having already postponed the races until the end of this month, we’ll do [...]

Dean Osmar Will Run in 2015 Knik 100

Dean Osmar has taken the 10 spot in the Knik 100. Welcome back, Dean!


MANDATORY PRE-RACE MUSHER MEETING The combined Knik 100 and Knik 200 Pre-Race Musher Meeting starts at 6 pm on Friday, January 30, 2015 at the Curtis Menard Sports Complex [...]

Conditions Hopefully Improving

Robert Bear, Kristy Berington, and Will Rhodes have moved up from the waiting list for the Knik 200 to the field of 40. Meanwhile, temperatures in the Willow and Knik area have dropped [...]

Changes in the Knik 200 Musher Roster

Several changes to the Knik 200 field, and to the waiting list. Mushers: if you’re at the top of the waiting list and are contacted to confirm you want an open spot, you have 24 hours to [...]