2020 Knik 100 and 200 Races Cancelled

Due to a number of trail route concerns caused by rain, warm temperatures, and the lack of sufficient snow, the Knik Race Committee has reluctantly determined that holding the 2020 races is not a [...]

K100 & K200 Now Full

The 2020 K100 & K200 races are now full and we have waiting lists for both. If you’d like to add your team to the waiting list, fill out an entry form on our website [...]

2020 Team Rosters Now Posted

The 2020 team rosters are now posted! Currently, we have 35 mushers entered for the Knik 200 which means 5 spots are available. In the Knik 100 we have a full field of 10 and 10 more on the [...]

2020 Race Entry Forms are Now Posted

Entry forms for the 2020 Knik 100 & 200 are now on our website. A reminder: do not pay the entry fee before noon tomorrow when the teams are announced. If you are on that list you will have [...]

2020 Knik 200 Mushers

2020 Knik 200 Musher Roster 1 Mille Porsild 2 Kaci Murringer 3 Joe Taylor 4 Julie Ann Nelson 5 Adam Worsell 6 Karin Hendrickson 7 Wade Marrs 8 Jacob Witkop 9 David Hassilev 10 Charley Bejna 11 [...]

2020 Knik 100 Mushers

2020 Knik 100 Musher Roster 1 Ray Redington 2 Kathleen A. Frederick 3 Victoria Forester 4 Gus Cooper 5 Tom Schonberger 6 Anna Berington 7 Ellen Redington 8 Juliah DeLoach 9 Andy Pohl 10 Kristy [...]

2020 Knik 100 Entry Form

2020 Knik 100 Entry Form Race applications MUST be submitted online by a team to be considered an official entry, along with full payment of the entry fee which is $200 and payable after [...]

2020 Race Rules Posted

The 2020 Knik 100 and Knik 200 race rules have been posted. When additional information is available, the race rules will be updated to reflect as such. You can view the rules [...]


We will begin accepting entries for the 2020 Knik 100 & 200 races on Tuesday, October 1 at noon (Alaska time) on our website. For the first 24 hours it will be a random drawing for entries. [...]

2019 Knik 100 and 200 Races Cancelled

2019 Knik 100 and 200 Races Cancelled Due to a number of trail route concerns which will be exacerbated by this week’s above freezing temperatures, the Knik Race Committee feels that holding the [...]

Thank You

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2019 Knik Races Postponed Until February 9

Due to concerns about anticipated trail conditions, lake ice thickness, and the uncertainty of safe travel along the river due to the recent major earthquake, the 2019 Knik 100 and Knik 200 races [...]

2019 Knik 100/200 Race Rules Now Posted

The 2019 Knik 100/200 race rules are now posted on our website.   http://knik200sleddograce.com/race-rules/

Wayne Curtis

I want to race the Knik 100 to run 100 miles with my buddies.   Nationality American Experience Veteran Sponsors Chris , my wife.