2018 Knik 100 & 200 Entries Are Closed

As announced previously, we are no longer accepting entries for the 2018 Knik 100 & 200 races. The reason for this is that because we’ve moved the races to Deshka Landing, we have [...]

Live Broadcasts

2018 Live Broadcasts Here is where you can watch the start of the 2018 Knik 100 and 200 races and other highlights live from Willow, Alaska!  

We Will Live Broadcast the Start of the 2018 Knik 100 & 200 Races

We will live broadcast the start of the 2018 Knik 100 & 200 races on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/knik200/ and on our website at http://knik200sleddograce.com/. Legendary [...]

The 2018 Knik 100 & 200 Races Are a GO!

We are VERY excited to announce that the 2018 Knik 100 & 200 races are a go, and on our scheduled race dates of January 6 and 7. Due to poor trail conditions we will move the start and finish [...]

No Longer Accepting Entries for 2018 Knik 100 and 200 Races

We are no longer accepting new entries for the 2018 Knik 200 or Knik 100 races. Presently, our field for the K200 has 38 teams competing, and the K100 has a field of 10.

2018 Rules Are Posted for Knik 100 & Knik 200 Races

You can read them here: http://knik200sleddograce.com/race-rules/  

Trail Conditions May Force Races to Move to Willow

Knik 200 and 100 Races Update: With the probable lack of sufficient snow and safe ice thickness, we will likely have to move the races from Knik Lake to Deshka Landing in Willow on our scheduled [...]

DeeDee Jonrowe Joins the 2018 Knik 100 & 200 as Race Judge

We are pleased to announce that our race judge for the 2018 Knik 100 & 200 races will be racing legend DeeDee Jonrowe! We are very excited to have her as part of our races. Welcome, DeeDee!

One Slot Available for 2018 Knik 200

We’ve had one slot open up for the Knik 200 race. Any teams who are interested can fill out an entry form on the website at http://knik200sleddograce.com/

Lottery Results for the 2018 Knik 100 & Knik 200 Races Are Now Up

Lottery results for the 2018 Knik 100 & Knik 200 races are now up on our website! We still have a few spots available for the Knik 200.    


2018 Knik 200 Mushers

2018 Knik 200 Mushers   1 Patrick Noddin 2 Jason Campeau 3 Charley Bejna 4 Eric Kelly 5 Jessica Klejka 6 Alea Robinson 7 Jeff Deeter 8 KattiJo Deeter 9 TJ  Stanton 10 Scott Janssen 11 Ray [...]


2018 Knik 100 Mushers

2018 Knik 100 Mushers 1 Mille Porsild 2 Kathleen A. Frederick 3 Anna Stephan 4 Newton Marshall 5 Cayla Bond 6 Lev Shvarts 7 Juliah DeLoach 8 TJ Shrader 9 Frank F Habermann

Ages 16 and Over Can Compete in the Knik 100 Sled Dog Race

We are now accepting mushers age 16 and over for the Knik 100 sled dog race. Previously, mushers had to be at least 18 years old for the Knik 100. This change ONLY applies for the Knik 100 race. [...]

Entries Now Being Taken for 2018 Knik Races

  Until 8pm tonight, we are accepting lottery entries for both races. By noon tomorrow we will post which teams are entered.