Update on the Knik 200 Field

Emily Thiem has withdrawn from the Knik 200 which moves everybody up and Frank Habermann into the 40th slot from the waiting list.

Changes in the Knik 200 Field of 40

Tim Krause withdrew from the Knik 200 which opened up a slot. Several teams at the top of the waiting list declined to move up which enabled Billy Worthy to take the 40th spot. For more details [...]

Alternate Race Date if Necessary

If poor or unsafe trail conditions require it, we will postpone the Knik 100 and 200 races from January 3-4, 2015 until January 31-February 1, 2015. The Knik Race Committee will make that [...]

Massage Therapists & Chiropractor To Be Available at 2015 Knik Races

We’ve just confirmed that we’ll have massage therapists at both the Yentna and Eagle Quest checkpoints for Knik 200 and 100 mushers as well as race volunteers. We’ll also have a [...]

New Record for Filling Field of 40 Knik 200 Teams!

It’s official. We filled the field of 40 teams for the 2015 Knik 200 in 38 minutes!!!!

The 2015 Knik 100 & 200 Team List is Now Up!

Jennifer from Ground Effect Media here. Thank you all for your patience as I compiled, checked and double-checked over 60 applications combined for the Knik 100 and 200 races. The field of 40 [...]

The 2015 Knik 200 Field of Teams is Full!

Wow! The field for the 2015 Knik 200 race filled in less than an hour!!! I’m still processing the deluge of applications and going as fast as I can. Please be patient with me and I’ll [...]

Entry Fees for Knik 200 and Knik 100 Races

Another reminder that online registration for the 2015 Knik 200 and 100 races opens up tomorrow/Wednesday at noon (Alaska time). Full payment of entry fees at the time of registration will be [...]

2015 Race Rules

The 2015 race rules for the Knik 200 and Knik 100 are now up on our website.

Return Here on October 1 for Online Registration for the 2015 Knik Races

We’re excitedly preparing for opening up the online registration here on our website on October 1 at noon (Alaska time) for the 2015 Knik 200 and 100 races. For the 2014 races we introduced [...]

2015 Online Registration Opens at Noon on October 1

Mark your calendars: October 1 at noon (Alaska time) we’ll begin online registration for the 2015 Knik 200 and 100 races. As you may recall, this year we filled up the Knik 200 in less than [...]

Quick Glance Race Summaries

In addition to the standings pages on the website that detail each team’s placement, runtime, bib number, and times in/out of checkpoints, I’ve added race summaries which are designed [...]

K200 standings with Yentna Outbound Times

The 2014 Knik 200 standings now have the Yentna outbound times and final run times included. Because we only had spotty sat phone communication available between the Yentna Station checkpoint and [...]

Top Three Finishers of the Knik 200

First place: Rohn Buser (crossed finish line at 11:52:40) Second place: Joar Ulsom (crossed finish line at 12:35:26) Third place: Ellen Donoghue (crossed finish line at 12:38:03)

Rohn Buser Wins the 2014 Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race

Just a few minutes ago, Rohn Buser crossed the finish line. He and his team are the winner of the 2014 Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race. Congratulations, Rohn! His official time [...]