Once a team is moved from the waiting list to the field of 10 teams, full payment of the $175 entry fee must be made to the Knik race committee within 24 hours or their spot will be forfeited. Teams on the waiting list will be contacted in their sign-up order if and when openings become available to confirm the team’s availability for the race. The Knik race reserves the right to move to the next team on the waiting list if a team cannot be immediately reached. It is permissible for a team to specify an alternate contact to confirm the team’s availability to race, but this must be indicated on the team’s application and the alternate’s name and phone number must be included.

Payment of the entry fee must be submitted through the PayPal donate button on the lower left corner of the website. If a team does not have a PayPal account, a credit card can be used to pay via PayPal when submitting the application. Make sure the musher is identified in the PayPal notes field.

When the entry fee is paid, if a team withdraws within 30 days, they will be refunded 50% of their entry fee, UNTIL noon on December 10, 2017 from which time they will not receive any refund. If a Knik race representative has made every reasonable attempt to contact a musher (or their alternate contact) to refund their entry fee but cannot reach them within 10 days, the full entry fee will be forfeited and deemed non-refundable.

For questions or assistance, please email us at info[at]knik200sleddograce[dot]com

1 Mille Porsild
2 Kathleen A. Frederick
3 Anna Stephan
4 Peter Duncan
5 Newton Marshall
6 Cayla Bond
7 Susan Terry
8 Juliah DeLoach
9 TJ Shrader
10 Frank F Habermann
1 Pam Aviza
2 Adam Worsell
3 Lee Crowe
4 Misha Wiljes
Rebecka Stephan