Meet Some of the Race Volunteers

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The Knik 200 and 100 races are powered by volunteers. In 2013 alone they’ve invested more than a thousand hours of their time and sweat and the race hasn’t even started yet. They do it for the love of mushing and in support of the mushers and their four-legged engines.

The logistics of putting on an Iditarod- and Yukon Quest-qualifying race are mind boggling. From clearing snow for parking to building the website to canvassing for donations and volunteers, to clearing the trails, making countless phone calls, overseeing dog care during the race to designing, printing, and distributing race materials… the list is virtually limitless and far too lengthy for this post.

Meet only a handful of these folks working behind the scenes making these races happen. If you have the opportunity to see them in person, please offer a handshake and a smile– it will be much appreciated:

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