Meet Some of the Race Volunteers

The Knik 200 and 100 races are powered by volunteers. In 2013 alone they’ve invested more than a thousand hours of their time and sweat and the race hasn’t even started yet. They do [...]

Race Rules

Mushers, be sure to review the race rules. Some changes have been made in light of the closure of the Knik Bar and also some clarifications have been made. Knik 100 rules: [...]

The 2014 Knik 100 and 200 Races are On!

The 2014 Knik 100 and 200 races are on! Snow and trail conditions are favorable. Later today we’ll email a trail report to all teams with details from Harry Caldwell (Race Marshall) and Sam [...]

The Posters Are In!

The posters are in! These are full-size, color posters we’d like to distribute throughout Alaska and we need your help to do that. This is a great way to promote sled dog racing and gain [...]

Update on Entry Fees and Refunds for Knik Races

Our first hope is that it snows enough between now and race day on January 4 that we don’t have to postpone the Knik races. Because the Knik 200 is an Iditarod and Yukon Quest qualifying [...]

Race Dates and Backup Dates

Snow conditions are far from optimal right now in the Wasilla/Willow area, but we’re still hoping that by race day on January 4, the trails will be ready. Those of us behind the scenes of [...]

Host Families Needed for Out of Town Mushers

Many of the teams coming in for the Knik 200 and 100 races are travelling long distances and may not have a place to stay in the Wasilla/Willow area, so host families are needed. If you’d [...]

Race Volunteers Are Needed

The Knik races are powered by volunteers, and before we run out steam, we’d love to expand our team. So, race volunteers are needed. We’re looking for checkers, handlers, and [...]

Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who joined us last night at our fundraiser. And a huge thanks also to Eaglequest Cabins & Lodge who generously donated the phenomenal meal which included roast [...]

Fundraising Dinner & Silent Auction Tonight!

Hope to see you tonight at the Fundraising Dinner & Silent Auction for the Knik 200 & 100 Sled Dog Races Curtis Menard Memorial Sports Complex Saturday, December 7, 7:00 PM

Donations Accepted

If you’d like to support the Knik races but can’t make it to the fundraiser this Saturday night, you can donate to the cause via clicking the Donate button on our website. Thank you [...]

Knik Fundraising Dinner This Saturday

This Saturday night! Fundraising Dinner & Silent Auction for the Knik 200 & 100 Sled Dog Races Curtis Menard Memorial Sports Complex Saturday, December 7, 7:00 PM $10.00 donation per [...]

Recognize This Legend?

From the 2012 Knik 200:       (Photo by Christina Rose.)  

Discount on Website Services for Teams & Fans of the Knik Races

Until race day (January 4), Ground Effect Media is offering a 10% discount on website design and development services for teams and fans of the Knik races. We designed and built the Knik 200 Joe [...]

Lance Mackey Photo from 2012 Knik 200

Taken by Christina Rose during the 2012 Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race.

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